Kim Meijer

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a new way to resolve divorce issues respectfully without going to court. Every family deserves a unique solution to the issues raised in a separation or divorce proceeding. Though each of you has a lawyer, you and your partner take full responsibility for shaping the divorce agreement and/or the parenting plan as the key members of your collaborative team. The thoughts, feelings and experiences of both you and your partner are listened to. All issues, for example division of property, the need for spousal support, child support that meets the entire family's goals, and a realistic parenting plan are addressed with respect in an atmosphere of dignity, with the goal of creating separate lives after divorce with the legal assistance of your lawyers and financial and mental health professionals, as necessary. By avoiding court procedures over property, parental rights and support issues, you and your partner can preserve a relatively amicable relationship, which is important where there are minor children. Moreover, the collaborative mediation produces final agreements that are frequently more detailed and complete than any order a court would issue following a contested court proceeding. Kim-Meijer can send you a brochure Collaborative Divorce in English.

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