Kim Meijer

International child abduction

Parents who face international child abduction can consult Kim-Meijer. Kim-Meijer has the expertise to solve such cases which will require cross-border cooperation.

Kim-Meijer assists parents during legal proceedings, which are aimed, for example, at restoring the status quo and allowing the judge in the country of pre-abduction to decide where your child will live or to have an international access regulation made or an (international) holiday arrangement made or get a replacement permission from the court to return to your home country with your child.

Kim-Meijer assists you with advice, guidance, information during a cross border mediation in the context of an international child abduction, or, for example, to establish an international care and access scheme or arrange for the relocation of your child. The well-being of your child is important and does not know boundaries.

To the child/children and parents whom it may concern

A relationship starting

with complete trust

A tiny creature

nestling its love in the parent’s heart

Trust is broken

The parental heart cries

It is you child, I so miss

There is nothing, that hurts more than this

If you wonder why you exist

If you think you could be missed

If your head is spinning around

If your happiness can't be found

If your mind is full of sadness

and hope seems far away

If you could use a guiding light

than believe
because it's true

there is a future, and it's for me and you

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